Boiler Install & Maintenance

boiler install maintenance

Boiler Repair, Install & Maintenance

If you’re in need of a routine inspection, new boiler installation or repair and maintenance, we can help. For over 20 years, Montana Plumbing Company has been a trusted local provider of professional installation, repair and maintenance of boiler heating systems.

It’s important to pay attention to the condition of your boiler. These issues may indicate you need to repair or replace your boiler: insufficient heat, temperature swings, no heat at all, a noisy unit or a broken thermostat. We always start with a cleanliness and safety test to verify all controls are working properly. Our technicians have extensive experience fixing and installing all major boiler makes and models. We can also replace your aging boiler and upgrade to a modulating, high-efficiency system.

Partner with Montana Plumbing Company for annual maintenance on your boiler. Our goal is for you to have the same professional service at your home or business each time we visit. We make it a priority to know your boiler system – which, in turn, speeds up our service time and reduces your costs.

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