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Cured In Place Pipe

Sewer, Drain, and Water Pipe Lining

Montana Plumbing Company provides Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP), a unique epoxy pipe coating application that rehabilitates aging pipes. Whether you're dealing with root infiltration, a disconnection, or a pipe break, pipe lining is a clean, highly efficient and cost effective solution.

How does pipe lining work?

Pipe coating eliminates seams, cracks, and breaks that cause leaks and back ups in aging pipes. We use a custom machine to coat your pipes with a blue epoxy liner. The CIPP process allows for hundreds of feet of old pipe to be rehabilitated in one continuous job, effectively eliminating every seam, crack or break. View before and after videos of some of our recent work »

CIPP is also a no-dig solution!

In fact, for most jobs, the pipe lining can be done from inside your home in just one day. We don't dig up your yard or mess with your landscaping. Pipe coating can also be done year-round, since we never have to wait for soft ground.

Montana Plumbing Company is the exclusive Cured In Pipe Place installer in the region.

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