Drain Cleaning

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Drain Cleaning & Unclogging

Are you in need of drain cleaning? Montana Plumbing Company can fix your slow or clogged drain and backed-up sink or bathtub. We clean and unclog all types of drains, including shower, tub, sink, toilet and kitchen.

For all drain cleaning, we start with a camera inspection of the clogged drain and snake a camera down the pipe to determine the problem. Often times, we find tree roots or damaged pipes as the cause. Our technicians will completely clean the line to unclog your drain and recommend the proper maintenance for preventing future clogs. We also have the equipment to cut out tree roots, or repair a damaged pipe with a patch or cured in place pipe.

Don’t use unclogging agents! These chemical treatments are harsh on your pipes and can destroy your septic system. Plus, they only provide a temporary fix; whereas we provide a semi-permanent solution. Contact us for your drain cleaning needs!